Intermediate class

EXC1 VDH CAC & DRC CAC - Doppel SRA DRC, 2. Oberfrankenschau Pegnitz, 23.04.2022
Gisela Werner (D)
Large framed strong male, excellent yellow coat, very beautiful male head, typical expression, firm back, otter tail, straight set fore and hindquarters, fluid movement, some dewlap, very good bond with the handler.
EXC1 VDH CAC & DRC CAC - Doppel SRA DRC, 1. Pegnitztalschau, 24.04.2022
Saskia Rathenau-Beyerman (NL)
19 month old blond male, active and friendly, masculine head, prime forechest and hindquarters, body now already showing a lot of substance, good coat and otter tail, good movement.
EXC 3 - Dog Show Project CAC Show, Fehraltorf (CH),  22.05.2022
Margaret Borwn (SCO)
Good masculine head, kind alert expression, good depth of forechest, barrowed rib, excellent double coat, level topline, sound and free on the move, would prefer a lower
EXC 1 VDH CAC - CACIB Offenburg 16.07.2022
Peter Machetanz (D)
22 month old strong male, head with brown eyes & matching pigment, strong neck with some dewlap, body with firm back & very good substance, matching depth of chest, straight front, rear strongly muscled & sufficiently angulated, correct coat, shows plenty of temperament & friendly nature, brisk movement.
EXC1 PRK CAC - CACIB Sopot (PL) 13.08.2022
Luis Peixoto (PT)
EXC 2 - CACIB Sopot Pommern Sieger (PL) 14.08.2022
Philippe Lammens (FR) (2/3)
Nice head, expression and pigmentation, correct neck, exc. topline tailset, would like more angulation upper arm and leyback shoulder, good back angualtion, could have more second thigh, nice deep body with excellent chest, good summer coat bone and feet, correct movement.
Open class
EXC 3 - IRAS Karlsruhe VDH / LCD 2022, 12.11.2022
Ginette Oulton (GB) (3/6)
A strong masculine head, big strong dog, good quarters, deep in chest, good spring rib deep bodied, forsquare, nice feet, losing coat, moves okay, a little bit heavy.
EXC 3 - IRAS Karlsruhe VDH / LCD 2022, 13.11.2022
Sharon Lambert (GB) (3/7)
Yellow male, strong masculine head, correct eye colour and shape, wish more angulation, good neck, good bone & feet, ballanced correct, good double coat, moved well, a bit heavy. A balanced dog.
EXC - Winner Wels CACIB 2022 (AT), 02.12.2022
Beata Petkovich (LT) (5/5)
quite big boy, strong, without being too heavy, correct bite, very masculine head, correct length of muzzle, strong well set neck, deep in body, enough compact in loin, just a little bit turned out front feets, excellent work of tale, medium back angulations,correct coat, full of temper, correct side movements but could be more parallel when moves from front.
VG - Winter Trophy Wels CACIB 2022, 03.12.2022
Alessandro Zeppi (IT) (5/5)
strong male, masculine expression, correct head proportion, correct angulation front and rear, well developed chest, compact body, not in perfect coat condition today, lovely temperament, topline is a bit softline and a bit rolling.
Junior class
EXC – SRA LCD Oberhausen Nightshow, 07.08.2021
Tanja Nordhues (D)
Almost 11 months old large-framed male, of excellent type, who could present himself better with a little more calmness, overall very harmoniously built, but a little bumpy in movement.
EXC 4 – SRA LCD Oberhausen, 08.08.2021
Vanessa Malkmus (D)
10 months old male of excellent type. Correctly cut head with masculine expression and excellent pigmentation. Flowing neck-backline with correct tailset, sufficient depth of chest and excellent forechest. Very good fore and hind angulations. Moves fluently with very good reach.
EXC 1, Best Junior - Royal Belgian Retriever Club (BE), 29.08.2021
Theo Leenen (BE)
11m old male, well balanced for his age, nice masculine head, dark eye, well set ears, full scissor bite, good neck and topline, good tail set, thick otter tail with a little too many tufts on the underside, nice angulations, sound bone, correct cat feet, good width and depth of chest, correct coat and smooth movement.
EXC 3 – SRA LCD Hasselroth, 05.09.2021
Queijeiro Manolo (MEX)
Very nice breed type, good size dog with a nice head. Good neck going into the shoulders. I would like to see him to have a better front and rear angulation. Good moving dog. Iwould like to see him in full coat.
EXC 3 – SRA LCD Burgbrohl, 02.10.2021
Kaca Kacian (CRO)
12 month old, very strong yellow boy, lovely head and expression, lovely dark eyes, very nice pigmentation, lovely neck and top-line, very nice front angulation, but I prefer a better rear angulation. Nice bones and feet, very nice coat quality, nice movement but tail is carried a bit too proud.
EXC 3 – SRA LCD Burgbrohl, 03.10.2021
Matija Ficko (CRO)
12 month, very good size but still in good balance. Strong head and nice expression. Good eye color, strong meck, straight in upper arm, also straight in rear angulation with short croup. Nice topline, rearline and ribcage. Tailset a little low. Needs more temperament and self confidence in the ring. Good side movement.
EXC 1 JCAC– Nationale Ausstellung Fehraltorf Autumn (CH),  08.10.2021
Laurent Pichard (CH)
EXC 1 JCAC – CACIB 1 Fehraltorf Autumn (CH), 08.10.2021
Monika Blaha (AT)
EXC 1 JCAC – CACIB 2 Fehraltorf Autumn (CH), 09.10.2021
Peter Machetanz (D)
1 year old male, big and strong. Head with masc. Expression, fitting ears, brown eyes, correct pigmentation, scissor bite, strong neck, substantial body, straight line. Straight front, front paw slightly protruding, well muscled and angulated in rear, good coat, friendly nature. On the move very good, correct presentation.

- Swiss Junior Champion - 
VG 3 – IRAS Karlsruhe 2021, 13.11.2021
Margaret Brown (SCO)
Lovely head on this yellow, top sized, strong neck, good overall construction, good topline, carrying a bit more weight over the neck + shoulder then would be ideal.
EXC 3 – IRAS Karlsruhe 2021, 14.11.2021
Frank Gilroy (SCO)
13 month old, beautiful head + eye, lovely front and rear angulation, top line is strong, carrying too much weight over the shoulders, slightly high tail set.